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While my interest in opera has always been with me since I was a child trying to play Puccini's arias on the piano, my work as an opera dramaturg started when I discovered long-forgotten manuscripts of operas by Lucio Campiani in my hometown, Mantova.

I was researching the role of opera and theatre in the formation of a feeling of patriotism and 'being Italian' during the years of the Risorgimento (ca. 1848-1861). This research lead to a publication on one opera in particular - Alberto di Saviola, which can be found at this link.

In 2021 I started a Opera Directing course with Verona Opera Academy, which has led me to take Workshops and Masterclasses with leading opera directors such as Lorenzo Mariani, Gianmaria Aliverta, Stefania Bonfadelli; opera and theatre designers like Lorenzo Cutuli and William Orlandi; historians and dramaturgs such as Michele Girardi, Quirino Principe, Mario Tedeschi Turco, and more.

In summer 2022 I was assistant director for the Zeffirelli production of Turandot at the Arena di Verona.

In September 2022 I directed the first staged version of Alberto di Saviola after a century of being forgotten, at the Bibiena Theatre in Mantova.

In October 2022 I made my directorial debut in the UK with Lucia di Lammermoor for Instant Opera at the Normansfield Theatre in London. 

2023 Commitment include:

- Macbeth at Hoxton Hall, for Uncovered Opera (February-March 2023).

- La Traviata, for Instant Opera (October 2023).

My directing work is not limited to opera: SYN - The Synaesthesia Room, an immersive experience on synaesthesia which I designed in collaboration with a brilliant team of visual and sound artists, and directed as an immersive 360 short film, was one of the finalists at Cannes Film Festival 2021 XR Showcase. 

You can read more about this project at this link.

Director and Dramaturg: Bio
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