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Sound Connections

The Music for Mums-To-Be program makes use of music, sound, breathing and movement to address the tensions within us and learn how to use them in a positive way.  Pregnancy can sometimes bring stress and anxiety, therefore physical and/or psychological tensions in the body. These tensions can make the connection between the mother and the child more difficult, so it is important for the mother-to-be to learn how to release it and replace it with a positive dialogue, that can be achieved through music, synchrony and vibrations. The session is planned so that the warming up is both physical and vocal, in order to allow for a second stage of moving in ‘flow’ with the music and the breath, as well as the singing (note: it can be singing, or humming, or whispering, or any production of sound). The musical and vocal component are especially important as the child is listening from quite early on during the pregnancy (either through vibrations only, or by actively listening at later stages) and a familiarity with musical dialogue, especially with the mother, will have positive effects on their linguistic, communication, emotional and of course musical skills.  
The program involves different techniques to achieve relaxation, movement flow, efficient use of breath and voice, and sound vibrations, among these Laban, Alexander Technique, Gordon's MLT, Estill, etc...  (note: this program does not teach any of these techniques in particular, they are simple part of the research behind it)

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